• Programme de nettoyage et de désinfection en clinique vétérinaire - Cleaning And Disinfection Guide For Animal Health Facilities

    The Cleaning And Disinfection Guide For Animal Health Facilities

    Welcome to the cleaning and disinfection website for animal health facilities. This website provides step-by-step protocols and techniques for employees responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of animal care facilities.

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  • Vetoquinol Greenhouse Program

    If your production site could be kept under glass, you wouldn’t have to worry about the introduction and, consequently, the spread of viruses and bacteria.

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  • Swine & poultry

    A step by step cleaning, disinfecting & pest control protocol to ensure your animals and buildings are healthy.

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  • Rodent Control Program

    Why do you need to implement a rigorous biosecurity program for rodent control?

    For health reasons and for economic reasons!

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  • Insect control

    Insect infestation disrupts your production in a damaging and annoying way. This is why you must integrate an insect control protocol into your Biosecurity Program.

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