• Biosecurity...now in VetoColours

    Get CE credits plus this water bottle for yourself and a 50 g Virkon™ pouch for your clinic


    Learn to assess risk areas
    inside your clinic and take the quiz to get your gift!

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  • Insect control

    Insect infestation disrupts your production in a damaging and annoying way. This is why you must integrate an insect control protocol into your Biosecurity Program.

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  • Swine & poultry

    A step by step cleaning, disinfecting & pest control protocol to ensure your animals and buildings are healthy.

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  • Rodent Control Program

    Why do you need to implement a rigorous biosecurity program for rodent control?

    For health reasons and for economic reasons!

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  • Vetoquinol Greenhouse Program

    If your production site could be kept under glass, you wouldn’t have to worry about the introduction and, consequently, the spread of viruses and bacteria.

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