Our products for Nettoyants


Cleaners are an integral part of a cleaning and disinfection program.


Washing with water alone does not adequately remove deposits of organic and mineral residue. Using a good cleaner prepares surfaces for disinfection, reduces bacterial challenge by 90% to 99%, reduces cleaning time by 30% to 40% and reduces labour costs and water consumption.

  • Biosolve AFC - Acid Cleaner - Nettoyant acide

    Biosolve AFC

    Biosolve™ AFC is an acidic cleaner and deodorizer for use in animal facilities.



  • Biosolve Plus Degreasing Cleaner - Nettoyant dégraissant

    Biosolve Plus

    Biosolve™ Plus is a powerful alkaline cleaner with superior degreasing properties.




Access restricted to veterinarians 


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