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Vetoquinol insecticides have either an immediate or residual action, and they are available for use on animals or on surfaces. Continuous protection greatly reduces insect infestation and disease propagation. In return the working environment is improved and production output is increased. To be successful in controlling insects, it is important that producers implement a control program that best fits their particular operation.


  • Disvap Insecticide Spray & Fog - Vaporisation et brumisation


    Disvap is a complete line of fogging and spraying insecticide products.



  • Disvap Spray Insecticide

    Disvap Spray

    Disvap Spray is a pressurized insecticide spray with citronella fragrance for barns and livestock.

  • Multivap Spray for barn and livestock insecticide

    Multivap Spray

    Multivap Spray is indicated as a barn and livestock insecticide.


  • Silvalure Insecticides


    Silvalure fly traps are an non-toxic and environmentally-friendly way to control flies.

  • Veto Equine Insecticide

    Veto Equine

    Veto Equine is a water based insecticide used to protect horses from a large variety of insects

  • Veto Spray Insecticide

    Veto Spray

    Veto Spray is an insecticide pressurized spray with citronella fragrance used to control a large range of insects

  • Veto Mist II Insecticide

    Veto-Mist II

    Veto-Mist II is a fly killer insecticide pressurized spray with citronella fragrance


  • Vetolice Insecticide


    Vetolice is a pour-on insecticide solution used to control biting lice & horn flies..


  • Zap-It Insecticide


    Zap-It is a contact & residual surface, crack, crevice and spot insecticide spray




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