Biosolve AFC

Biosolve AFC

Biosolve AFC

Biosolve™ AFC is recommended for use in animal facilities and food processing facilities. This product is ideal for use in an alternating pH program to remove detergent residues, mineral scale, dirt, grime, protein, and oils as well as minerals and adherent films.



►Acidic detergent (descaling)

Easy application and rinsing

Formulated with biodegradable detergent

►FORMATS: 3.8L and 18.9L




Biosolve AFC - Features and benefits

Biosolve™ AFC is an acidic cleaner and deodorizer for use in animal facilities. It cleans and brightens stainless steel, plastic, concrete, and tile. It is ideal for removal of cleaner residues, mineral scale and other hard-to-remove elements.


- For use in an alternating pH program with Biosolve™ Plus.

- Ideal to clean and prepare surfaces for optimal disinfection with Virkon® or Clinicide.

- Recommended dilution rate for veterinary clinics: 2 to 16 mL per litre of water.

- Formulated with biodegradable detergents.



Biosolve AFC - Directions for use

The acid combination package in Biosolve™ AFC chelates metal salts, "lifting" them and forming water soluble complexes that are easily removed.


Alternating between our alkaline, neutral, and acid-based cleaners maximizes surface cleanliness and, therefore, prepares the surface for the second step of disinfection.


► Recommended dilution rate for veterinary clinics: 2 to 16 mL per litre of water.




Safety Data Sheets

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