Our products for Insecticides

  • Disvap Spray Insecticide

    Disvap Spray is a pressurized insecticide spray with citronella fragrance for barns and livestock.

  • Disvap V

    Disvap V is a fogging and spraying insecticide product.




  • Multivap Spray for barn and livestock insecticide

    Multivap Spray is indicated as a barn and livestock insecticide.


  • Silvalure Insecticides

    Silvalure fly traps are an non-toxic and environmentally-friendly way to control flies.

  • Veto Equine Insecticide

    Veto Equine is a water based insecticide used to protect horses from a large variety of insects

  • Veto Spray Insecticide

    Veto Spray is an insecticide pressurized spray with citronella fragrance used to control a large range of insects

  • Veto Mist II Insecticide

    Veto-Mist II is a fly killer insecticide pressurized spray with citronella fragrance


  • Vetolice Insecticide

    Vetolice is a pour-on insecticide solution used to control biting lice & horn flies..


  • Zap-It Insecticide

    Zap-It is a contact & residual surface, crack, crevice and spot insecticide spray