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Vetoquinol is in constant tune with veterinarians, who are the main actors and prescribors of our products. This is why entertaining permanent and durable relationships with them, as well as knowing their expectations in order to develop the products of tomorrow, constitutes an essential commitment for our sales force.

  • Disinfectants


    Although washing with a cleaner removes a significant amount of microbes, what remains is still enough to pose a risk for infection.

    Disinfection is a process that destroys and reduces pathogens to a low level of contamination. Disinfection typically follows washing with a cleaner and rinsing with water.


    Because all the organisms are not equally resistant, the choice of disinfectant is important.

  • Cleaners


    Cleaners are an integral part of a cleaning and disinfection program.


    Washing with water alone does not adequately remove deposits of organic and mineral residue. Using a good cleaner prepares surfaces for disinfection, reduces bacterial challenge by 90% to 99%, reduces cleaning time by 30% to 40% and reduces labour costs and water consumption.

  • Insecticides


    Vetoquinol insecticides have either an immediate or residual action, and they are available for use on animals or on surfaces. Continuous protection greatly reduces insect infestation and disease propagation. In return the working environment is improved and production output is increased. To be successful in controlling insects, it is important that producers implement a control program that best fits their particular operation.


  • Rodenticides


    To have a good rodent control program, consistency is important to prevent infestation. Well-attended bait stations and devices will keep your farm buildings less attractive to rodents seeking feed and nesting for reproduction.


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