Virkon Greenhouse


Virkon® Greenhouse is unique in its composition. Its activity is based on a buffered synergized system containing a high percentage of surfactant. Its efficacy is enhanced by its excellent detergent properties. Virkon® Greenhouse can be used on all surfaces and in all situations.

• Broad spectrum disinfectant

Virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal activity

• Easily applied
• Non-irritant

• Formulated with biodegradable ingredients

Tested at 4°C

• Dilution rate: 10 g/L (1%)

VIRKON GREENHOUSE - Features and benefits

• Registration number: 24210 pest control products act (no pesticide license required)

• Pink color indicator of efficacy in the solution
• Solution turns white when activity is lost over time (average 5 – 7 days)
• Powdered or effervescent format
• Easy mixing

• Non‐irritant after mixing solution 1%
• No occupational exposure limits

VIRKON GREENHOUSE - Directions for use


To optimize disinfection, surfaces and equipment should be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner or detergent in order to remove as much organic material as possible prior to disinfection.


Do not apply Virkon® Greenhouse directly to plants, seeds or soil.


Thoroughly wet surfaces to be disinfected with a 1% w/v solution of Virkon® Greenhouse, using a mop, sponge, cloth, or by spraying or foaming, or using a pressure washer (250 - 300 mL per m2). A minimum contact time of 10 minutes is required (do not exceed 30 minutes for metal surfaces).


Soak equipment or utensils in a 1% w/v solution of Virkon® Greenhouse for a minimum of 10 minutes (do not exceed 30 minutes for metal objects).


Surfaces or equipment that are in soft metal or that enter in contact with food must be rinsed with potable water after disinfection. 

Safety Data Sheets

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